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Whitehall PR marks the natural evolution of our work in the book publishing industry. As that industry has evolved, so have we. Whitehall PR is here to help you with your marketing and PR efforts whether you are an author, artist, non-profit or a for-profit business.

After writing and selling hundreds of magazine articles and thousands of books, we started a book publishing firm in 1989 so we would have more creative and financial control over our products. That business grew over the years and in the process we have had the honor of working with hundreds of authors, artists and non-profits. As the years went by, we met more and more authors who had negative experiences with other publishers and wanted creative and financial control over their work, but still needed the guidance of seasoned professionals to produce world class product.

Whitehall Publishing is Created

In early 2001, we created the imprint Whitehall Publishing to fill that very important and much needed gap in the book publishing world. Whitehall Publishing continues to provide all the seasoned pros necessary to turn out a world class, award winning products while making sure our authors remain in complete creative and financial control.

The Creation of Whitehall PR

As a natural evolution of Whitehall Publishing, we were approached by more and more authors, artists and non-profits who wanted help figuring out the complex and ever-changing world of marketing their products and services. As time went on, we were approached by artists, for-profit business owners and hundreds of non-profits who were also looking for help with their marketing efforts. We have been unofficially providing that service to hundreds of clients for several years now. As the demand for that help has increased, we find ourselves evolving to the next level; Whitehall PR.

At Whitehall PR, we can provide everything from hourly/monthly coaching calls all the way to handling all of your marketing/social media/media outreach needs for you. Whether you are looking for more media attention, want to build a platform from which you can launch your next big project or are trying to figure out how to attract more supporters, we have "been there and done that" successfully for our clients for many years and we are eager to help you as well.

When you are ready to move forward, visit our Services page or click here to contact us today!

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